ChuangKu is initiated by some graduates with ambitious and creative spirit from Tsinghua University, who devote to develop AlN ceramic and component industry in China . Seeking for excellence is the everlasting belief of every employee.

During the whole history of ChuangKu, we always treat our employees as most valuable treasure. Business competition depends on competition of human resource. We firmly believe that employees are vital for customer satisfaction and the future of the company.

“We evaluate our employees based on ‘honesty, dedication and professional’. ChuangKu intends to attract candidates who have the same values. We insist equality, openness and fairness to promote employees so they can do their best. To activate potential of employees, ChuangKu provides career development plan for them. ChuangKu focuses on mutual development with employees, encouraging learning, continuousimprovement.

To attract , to find and to retain talents, we established motivation and incentive system, such as systematic training system, paid traveling, special bonus for creation and invention, salary system based on performance, employee share scheme and stock option, etc.
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