Manufacturing process of black alumina ceramic substrate

Black alumina ceramic substrates are mostly used in semiconductor integrated circuits and electronic products.

Crystal structure, classification and properties of alumina ceramic substrate

Alumina has many homogenous crystals, such as α-Al2o3, β-Al2o3, γ-Al2o3, etc. Among them, α-Al2o3 has higher stability, its crystal structure is compact, physical and chemical properties are stable, and it has density and mechanical properties. The advantage of higher strength has more applications in industry.

Advantages of thin film aluminum nitride ceramic substrate

No need for high temperature sintering, no oxide generation, good adhesion of metal lines

Aluminum nitride powder extraction method

ALN+N2→2ALN Put the aluminum powder into a reaction furnace filled with nitrogen and ammonia and heat it to 600°C to start the reaction.

Ceramic substrate material preparation

There are three main methods for forming ceramic substrates: compression molding, dry pressing and casting.

Characteristics of ceramic substrate

Mechanical properties. Mechanical strength, can be used as a supporting member; good processing performance and high dimensional accuracy; smooth surface, no micro-cracks, bending, etc.

Circuit board packaging materials

Aluminum nitride (AlN) is hexagonal, and pure AlN is blue-white, usually gray or off-white. As a new ceramic material with excellent comprehensive performance, aluminum nitride ceramics have excellent thermal conductivity, reliable electrical insulation, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, non-toxic and thermal expansion coefficient matching silicon, etc. With excellent characteristics, it is considered an ideal material for a new generation of highly integrated semiconductor substrates and electronic device packaging.

Process for manufacturing black alumina ceramic substrate by casting method

The casting method refers to the manufacturing process of adding solvents, dispersants, binders, plasticizers and other substances to ceramic powder to make the slurry uniformly distributed, and then making ceramic sheets of different specifications on the casting machine.

Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate

Generally speaking, the luminous efficiency and service life of light-emitting diodes will decrease as the junction temperature increases.

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